Satisfy Your Statement

We now accept credit card payments for outstanding balances.

To utilize this service, please go to or use the link below and send payment to

If you wish to pay through PayPal, please add an extra 4% to cover PayPal fees. We will credit the amount that is actually received.

Payments made for balances due for fees already earned (that are paid through PayPal) can be transferred within two to three business days.

PLEASE NOTE that if you use this service for initial retainers or retainer replenishments, I can not transfer the balance to my trust/escrow account. I will have to request a paper check from PayPal which will be sent by PayPal via U.S. mail. The check will take approximately 10 days to arrive and a few more days to be credited to your balance in my trust/escrow account.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.