Divorce mediation allows couples to work out their disputes in a neutral environment outside of the courtroom.

In this process, participants are able to negotiate the terms of their resolution directly and amicably in an interest-based, goal-oriented process, addressing everyone’s issues and concerns.

A mediator acts as a neutral party using their skills to help couples resolve the issues in their divorce.

Why Use Mediation vs. Litigation?
  • Mediation is a confidential process that protects reputations, good will, trade secrets, or a good name
  • The process of mediation helps couples avoid the emotionally and psychologically exhausting process of litigation
  • The process of mediation helps couples avoid the distraction–especially in a business setting–of ongoing litigation
  • The process of mediation helps couples avoid the expense of litigation
  • Mediation allows for a much quicker resolution of the dispute
  • Mediation allows couples to seek compromised solution rather than attaining a win-lose outcome
  • Mediation allows couples to maintain control over the outcome
How do I know if mediation is the right direction for our family?

You are most likely to have a successful mediation experience if all or most of the following statements are true:

  • The decision to divorce is mutual
  • You want to stay on good terms with your spouse
  • You don’t blame your spouse for the separation
  • You understand your current financial situation
  • You and your spouse have maintained an honest and open relationship
  • You can amicably disagree with your spouse
  • You are not easily intimidated by your spouse
  • Physical violence, drug and/or alcohol abuse is not a factor in your relationship
  • You feel that your spouse is a good parent

While mediation may not work for everyone, when it comes to the preservation of a post-separation family, mediation is a tool that has been proven to show long-term success and consistently higher compliance rates because the husband and wife have created their own agreement–an agreement that works best for them and their family.