Parent Coordination

Parenting coordination is a child-focused process in which a mental health or legal professional with mediation and specialized parent coordinator training and experience assists high conflict parents to implement their parenting plan by facilitating the resolution of their disputes in a timely manner, educating parents about children’s needs, and with prior approval of the parties and/or the court, making decisions or recommendations according to the scope of the court order.

Assigned by the court

Parenting Coordinators are professionals who are assigned by the court with or without the consent of parents, to work with families in order to meet the needs of their children.

Resolutions which benefit the children

As professionals with child development knowledge and mediation skills, parent coordinators work to find resolutions which benefit the interest and well-being of children involved in family disputes.

In addition, they meet with families and attempt to assist the parents in making decisions (other than custody decisions) of benefit to the child (i.e., they have no authority to change court orders).

What issues are addressed?

The issues which Parenting Coordinators address are often parenting issues rather than purely legal issues. For instance, time and place for visitation exchange, changing daycare or schools, holidays and fee-splitting for the children’s activities.

Overall Objective

The overall objective of parenting coordination is to assist high conflict parents to implement their parenting plan, to monitor compliance with the details of the plan, to resolve conflicts regarding their children and the parenting plan in a timely manner, and to protect and sustain safe, healthy and meaningful parent-child relationships.