Welcome To The Law Office of Alice Dansker Doyle

As a highly trained professional in client-centered advocacy, attorney Alice “Ali” Dansker Doyle is dedicated to helping you as you cope with the challenges encountered in the process of divorce, separation, and other family, criminal, and civil matters such as real estate and probate. Ms. Doyle can assist you with criminal matters, family matters, real estate issues, estate administration, and preparation of wills, powers of attorney and deeds.

Practicing in the state of Kentucky, attorney Alice Dansker Doyle is committed to the preservation of your post-separation family.

With a practice that emphasizes non-adversarial methods for resolving family and other civil conflicts, such as Collaborative Law Advocacy, Parent Coordination and Mediation Services, we offer client-focused services with a compassionate touch that work based on the idea of putting your family first and finding a resolution that best fits their collective needs.

Ms. Doyle’s practice also includes court-based advocacy when appropriate and necessary.

If you are going through a separation or divorce, or experiencing conflict in other civil areas, please call us today at 606-796-0441.